Mira SF Condominums

MIRA stands as a beacon of contemporary luxury, effortlessly fusing smart functionality with striking aesthetics. Step inside MIRA's meticulously designed residences to experience the epitome of upscale daily living. These thoughtfully crafted spaces seamlessly blend natural elements, refined finishes, and meticulous details, enveloping each room in an inviting embrace of modern comfort and style.

A Community Hub with Purposeful Amenities. MIRA thrives as an authentic community hub, fostering connections through a diverse range of purposeful amenities. From the elegantly appointed lobby spaces to the Jay Wright fitness center and serene rooftop deck, MIRA provides an array of spaces designed to bring people together in fresh and exciting ways. Whether enjoying private dining or unwinding in the tranquil ambiance of the rooftop, MIRA's amenities enhance the urban living experience by nurturing a sense of belonging and shared experiences.

As a testament to modern architectural ingenuity, MIRA's 40-story façade graces the San Francisco skyline with iconic presence. Its twisting form and fanning bay windows simultaneously pay homage to the city's history while carving out a unique and recognizable silhouette. Within MIRA's homes, these distinctive windows redefine the art of living, offering sweeping 180-degree views that dance with changing natural light throughout the day. MIRA is more than a building; it's a celebration of innovation, community, and exceptional living, inviting you to explore a new dimension of urban luxury.


  • Vibrant lobby
  • Fitness center
  • Beautiful roof deck
  • Gorgeous children's rom
  • Inviting storefronts for an exceptional neighborhood retail experience
  • Broad sidewalks and outdoor seating areas
  • Elegant private dining and lounge areas

280 Spear St.

San Francisco, CA 94105

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